Students are most compliant on the first day of class. If you have the MyFace instructions ready for them, you shouldn’t even have to offer points or credit for their participation. And you’ll be ready to “Flip It!” sooner.

You will spend less time overall if you work on learning names in short sessions, periodically throughout the day. “Flip It!” for 2-10 minutes when you wake up, during a break, after lunch, before and after class, before bed. It will seem effortless and fun!

And yet, make an effort. Don’t just flip that face! Try and guess every time. Studies show that memory is best when the brain is active. That’s why we don’t just show you the names under the picture. This is too passive. When you struggle (just a little) you will learn faster.

Use your students’ names, in person, every chance you get! Then go back and “Flip It!” again. Even when you feel confident that you know them all, review now and then. Make an effort to interact more with the students whose names you had a harder time recalling. MyFace is not just about memorizing names. It’s about building relationships with your students.